1. Ass so fat..need a lap dance?

  2. Rise n’ Shine

  3. Guapos only😁 (at The Hole San Diego)

  4. Cheerzin🍻 (at The Hole San Diego)

  5. Da turn up #sundaze

  6. Bear night with the bestie quellefuckinsurprise

  7. LA lunch with the boys



    I’m sure this is gonna sound pretty redundant but I just want to be clear that I don’t apologize for things I post or for totally being as self absorbed as the next person posting shameless selfies and the occasional ass pic. I have a lot of anonymous haters and I think it’s cute but you all seem like you’re really angry that I’m being me on my own blog so I’d like to let you know in case you didn’t know, YOU DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW ME! Telling me to kill myself for the past 6 months hasn’t really worked for you has it? I’m gonna keep living and being as ratchet as I fucking want. As for my followers that send me nice notes and dick pics, keep it cumming ;) tumblr is meant to be fun and a place for one to express themselves so chill and take notes while I make your man wish he was single k? Thanks

  9. 💎👑FLAWLE$$👑💎 (at Pasadena Rose Bowl)


  10. Anonymous said: You look like you would smell bad.

    i do especially when i forget to wear my cologne…BLEU de Chanel, that costs $100 a bottle, what might a basic ass anon like you be wearing now a days? Drakkar Noir?? or wait! probably Acqua Di Gio?? 

  11. Is it 6 yet?


  12. Anonymous said: Saw you at Pride. Just gotta let you know - you've got nothing to be proud of. You are very tragic and delusional. It's nice you have so much self confidence, but it's built from nothing. You're just a poorly dressed stereotype that will end up dead of AIDS.

    YOU MAD?? Just gotta let YOU know-stop drinking ocean water, your saltiness is severe.

  13. That one time we made your man stare #tbt (at Pecs Bar)

  14. ☀️Taco Tuesdaze☀️ (at Fiesta Cantina - Hillcrest)

  15. Makin’ them stumble on the 4th with this Sirena🇺🇸🇺🇸 #justlanded (at The Barcelona)