1. Is it 6 yet?


  2. Anonymous said: Saw you at Pride. Just gotta let you know - you've got nothing to be proud of. You are very tragic and delusional. It's nice you have so much self confidence, but it's built from nothing. You're just a poorly dressed stereotype that will end up dead of AIDS.

    YOU MAD?? Just gotta let YOU know-stop drinking ocean water, your saltiness is severe.

  3. That one time we made your man stare #tbt (at Pecs Bar)

  4. ☀️Taco Tuesdaze☀️ (at Fiesta Cantina - Hillcrest)

  5. Makin’ them stumble on the 4th with this Sirena🇺🇸🇺🇸 #justlanded (at The Barcelona)

  6. Peek-a-boo booty

  7. What people think my friends quellefuckinsurprise, mrrobotico and i do on a Friday night VS what we really do…im fucking hungry

  8. Keep it on the DL he said.

  9. Friday has me like… (at J Street Marina)

  10. Creepin’ on your man like

  11. EAT MEAT. (at TBT)

  12. FR€NCHI€

  13. Beach selfie from yesterday #cmonseaweed (at Coronado Beach)

  14. Pit stop. (at The Eagle)

  15. Anglz (at Chula Vista Yacht Club)